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A pal of mine from overseas really provided me a duplicate of this book given that he knows I’m in to things that deal with religious beliefs and science. The tale deals with higher science and tools that could virtually remove the way we live our lives.

I’m not normally drawn to revelation and conspiracy theory stories, however among things that made me begin around and kept me reading was the suggestion that the characters that were subjected to this type of ordeal were noticeably flawed in their very own means and their personal nature added taste to the interactions and various arguments in the tale. Steven is a flagrantly contumacious individual, however he is additionally an opportunist; he has the intellectual ability and tendency to discover loopholes around practically any kind of trouble that comes his method, provided that he has the perk of time to do so. Chrissy, his love interest rate, is the complete reverse in terms of behavior– she is more cordial and reserved, but she’s at par with him in terms of problem-solving skills.

Of all the concepts offered in guide, I like the one concerning biological everlasting life the most. It generates a great deal of opportunities and, considering that certain individuals in the story are really able to adjust different gadgets to attain that standing, it makes for a quite spectacular sequel. I’m starting to wonder what would take place if a person like Gordon Gekko or a diabolical Hannibal Lecter-like character would gain access to that type of tools. I can not await the next one.

Good cliffhanger incidentally.

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